Starbucks Wallet

Do you remember those Capri Sun purses from about 10 years ago?  They were a popular fad on eBay from what I hear.   Along those same lines of sewing with recycled packaging, I give you the Starbucks Wallet.

I made this small bifold credit card wallet out of the 1 lb bag of coffee beans.  Of course, I had cut the bag shorter while using it for my coffee before I had decided on sewing with it.   …planning ahead? what planning ahead?…    I think I’ll have to try it again, when I have a “full size” bag to work with.

If you like the idea and want to try it out yourself, note that you CANNOT iron this packaging.  I did try on a tiny test piece and it curled up quickly.  Thank goodness it was a low heat iron and didn’t melt into my ironing board or iron.  That would have been a crazy hot mess.

Next time I’ll plan the logo positioning a little better and try harder to get that “stay fresh” plastic circle thingy out of the way in a less wasteful manner.  All in all, pretty fun idea to make.  Who knew a mild coffee addiction would turn out inspirational???

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  1. SewLindaAnn says:

    I’ve started washing out the dog food bags, and coffee bags in the hope of figuring out something to do with them. I hate throwing them out, and since they are not recyclable it’s difficult. This looks like a great idea to at least get started re-using the bags.

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