Secret Binding

In keeping with my “work like crazy but cannot show you anything” theme of the month, I thought I’d go ahead and get a small peek for you.  Here’s a couple bindings from 3 big projects.  One is a silk table runner (above).  It turned out very lovely.

This quilt (above), I call my Stop Light quilt, though there is no green or yellow in the design.  The quilt is primarily black and white and bound in white.  Do you ever bind quilts in light colors?  I generally do not, but it turned out pretty fun.  Of course, I went back to dark binding on the next quilt. (below)

And lastly, this fun quilt is also black and white with some serious lime green solid.  Wait ’til you see these.  I hope you’ll love them.  That will be later though.

All three quilted projects in this post were quilted by Colleen.  She did a great job and turned them around in record time.  THANKS!!!

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