Pratt Tribune Article on ReannaLily Designs

Check out the newspaper in Pratt.  They’ve included a short write-up on ReannaLily Designs and the upcoming trunk show/lecture at their Quilt Show.  If you are rolling through Central Kansas or are in the Pratt area, stop by and see the show.

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  1. Kristin says:

    it was great to listen to your presentation on saturday! i had no idea of the schedule for the day before i came to the quilt show, but i am so glad things worked out for me to arrive shortly before 1pm. :) i brought my 5 month old daughter and was so glad she napped quietly so i could sit and listen. i have never made a quilt before but enjoy stitching/sewing and appreciate modern design. it was fun to listen to your story and i left feeling inspired and ready to create (and maybe even make a quilt someday). thanks for making the trip to pratt!

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