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Quilting the 1600


In August, I got a small mid-arm quilt frame. It is actually my mom’s “old frame” and quite frankly, one of the best new-to-me presents of all time. I don’t think I’ve blogged about it yet though. I got quite busy with preparing for Quilt Market right around Aug/Sept, and I’ve really only quilted 4-5 small quilts on the frame. Oh but that is all about to change friends.

The 1600 quilt is the first quilt on the frame for the new year. My frame bars are short and can only quilt up to 72″ wide. That is fine with me, I still have quite a steep learning curve to tackle. I visited a longarm workshop in December and learned tons about thread, needles, tension, rulers and all sorts of machine quilting details.

I hopped out to my favorite local quilt shop, Material Girls [2], over the weekend to buy some variegated YLI thread [3]and binding fabric for the 1600. (Turns out, if you make a 1600 quilt from a jelly roll- and all the strips match perfectly- ya might want to plan ahead to have fabric for the binding.)


{{Side note: I had to buy that Karavan Elephant fat quarter. I just think it is wonderful.}}

So the quilt’s loaded. I planned on a simple meander, since the family, who was home this Sunday afternoon, wouldn’t have to hear the whole range of cuss words. Although I really like the free motion quilting with planned designs, I’m kinda re-learning how to quilt on this frame. I also learned at the longarm workshop that it is smart to use the same thread in the top and bobbin for better tension results. Oh- I’m soooo doing that.


I’m quilting along… feeling pretty good… then the machine made a sort of jerking motion with only 4 linear inches left to quilt.


Oh hells bells! (do people say that?)? I was out of thread. Not the usual “bobbin ran out with 5 inches left in the seam. ” I mean I was OUT out of thread, and on my last bobbin. I fumbled around the studio and found a different variegated thread to use, and hope no one will notice. That new therad was a nightmare. I must have needed a different / larger needle or something.


It turned out. (though a couple cuss words might have danced around the room) I even added a couple USAF fabric squares in the quilt top, and managed to quilt those just fine too. Hooray hooray. Victory is mine. High fives for everyone!

I just have to add the brand new binding fabric on the brand new quilt.


Machine binding all the way, peeps. This quilt started out Saturday morning and finished up in about 36 total hours later. I think I’ll definitely make this again. I still own a total of 3 more jelly rolls. (yep, only 3.)


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