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1600 Quilt

on Jan 17, 2012 in Blog, quilt | 5 comments

Have you seen the 1600 quilts?? Not 1600 Quilts, exactly, but rather the 1600 inch strip used to make a lap quilt?? I think it is also called a spaghetti quilt. Here, let me get this video link for ya before we go any farther….

{Let’s see if WP likes that youtube code.}

First you need to pick out a jelly roll. This one is Kiwiberry by Hoffman. It is from there Bali Pops collection and is a couple years old.

So you join a jelly roll’s worth of fabric strips (40 strips) together end to end to make one long strip roughly 1600 inches long.

Then fold that strip in half and sew an 800 inch long seam. Cool. Cut the fold at the end.

Fold it again and sew a 400″ seam…. I think you see how this is going. The lap quilt makes up really really fast. I went even faster by using my serger. I don’t know what the exact stitch-per-minute is on the serger, but it is somewhere around a ba’zillion.

I opted not to miter each end of the fabric strips. I just jumped in an started sewing. And can we talk about chaos for? second?? This quilt is made quite haphazardly, but yet I have a clump of greens together and the darks seem to be all on one side. Strange right?

~Sorry about the picture sizes. I’m trying to get everything compressed and the way I’d like to use it, but my “real” computer is on the fritz, so I’m having to blog from the back-up for a short while.

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