The Booth is Finished! #2048

Sweet little #2048 is looking great!  Just wanted to hop on to tell ya we got the booth finished on Thursday just before dinner.  We were able to put so so so much stuff in the booth.  Needless to say we didn’t work the “negative space” for merchandising to terribly well.  That booth is some kinda full.

Can I just say I LOVE LOVE the camo floor.  We ended up getting a “half wall” on the corner of our booth location, so that turned out really useful.

We have the large Seamingly Accurate right there on the side wall to let people know there is a demo in our spot for the the whole show.  There’s military stuff collected on one half of the booth and regular quilt patterns on the other side.  And oh man, there are purses and  bags everywhere!

We have a tiny finishing touch to add to the booth Friday before we run around the School House series.  I bought 6 cubby bins,  not knowing if I’d even build the shelf… but as it turned out not only did I need the shelf for pattern display but we need 9 cubbies.  After a quick trip to Target, we’re ready to pop the last three drawers into the shelves and then-

We’re off to the races.  More pics will be on the ReannaLily Designs FB feed over the weekend.

See you soon!

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  1. Corinne says:

    Wish I was there. :-(

  2. What a great booth! I look forward to getting some of those patterns. Have fun.

  3. Looking great! now to get the foot traffic in the mosey a peek. Excited to see/here how it all goes. Best of luck!

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