Rockin Robin Quilt Along Row 3

This is the THIRD row in the Rockin Robin Quilt Along. The row was based one “houses” and is designed by Heather and Megan at Quilt Story. Get the full sewing tutorial HERE.

Oh my gosh this row was so cute!  These houses are perfect. You can make the big house or the little houses and vary whether they are on the top or the bottom.  I just loved this row.  Heck, it’s a whole neighborhood now.

Yes, I totally ‘shopped my Row Houses (HA!) into a quilt, just to see how cute this would be as a whole quilt.

Upload your versions of this row into the Rockin Robin flickr pool. And oh my gosh that flickr pool has tons of inspiration for the previous two rows as well.  Y’all are really making these rows your own.  Lots of unique projects going on over there.

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