Rockin Robin Quilt Along Row 2

This is the SECOND row in the Rockin Robin Quilt Along. The row was based one “stars” and is designed by Melissa at Lilac Lane.  Get the full sewing tutorial HERE.

This row was pretty cool because the tutorial offers 3 different sized stars to make.  You can make all of them or one of them and even arrange them however you like.  Wait ’til you see some of the flickr variations for this row.  I decided to make all giant FAT stars and vary the background colors between the blue and the grey.

And I did a photoshop mock-up of my own row for what it’d look like if it was a whole quilt.  Really, though, with the different sized stars- that’d make a very cool quilt top.  But for now- here’s my little chubby stars photoshop quilt:

Upload your versions of this row into the Rockin Robin flickr pool.

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