Whole Cloth Quilt

After making my tiny whole cloth experiment, I decided I wanted to try it again.  Crazy, right?  I wanted to use the same printed quilting guide lines, then fill in the quilting with different motifs.  The little quilted mini’s would be the same, but different.  And the are both funky dot fabrics, so that’s fun.

Whole Cloth 2.0

Whole Cloth 1.0

Click on the image to see it larger.

See what I mean?  I’ve switched up radiating lines for bubbles and meandering for arches.  I’m tellin’ ya- it is surprisingly quick to make up and the possibilities are feeling endless. -which is good.  I do think I might have worked too quickly on the green quilt because I can see a whole handful of  “mistakes”.   Thankfully, I’m not too worried about it.  It is just an experiment.

Here’s something that makes the mini’s look different too-  The green mini has two layers of polyester batting inside.  The pink mini has one layer of Hobb’s 80/20.   Very interesting, right?  I have to say, based on only these two samples, I’m liking the Hobb’s better.

I did trace out the quilting guide lines with blue water soluble marker- after that, the rest is all free motion quilting.  (FMQ).  I even used green thread on the top and orange thread in the bobbin.   Progress has been made.

6 Responses to “Whole Cloth Quilt”

  1. Heather says:

    I love the whole cloth quilt idea, but I’ve never thought about doing one with a mini. Are you doing any extra stuffing or is the Hobb’s just fluffy? Neat idea!

  2. [...] *Since this original posting, I went back and made another funky version of this mini.  Check it out at this blog post. [...]

  3. Minimanuals says:

    Love Milano bag and Verona bag patterns.

  4. lydia says:

    i like the adjustable apron, and the flapper purse!

  5. Jamie O says:

    I love all the patterns!
    If I had to choose I would go with the cube purse and one of the quilt patterns. It is hard to choose as I have never quilted before.
    Thank you!

  6. Love the texture in the quilting and the shapes you used create movement too! Excellent :)

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