Machine Quilter’s Showcase 2011 Overland Park

I attended the AMAZING Machine Quilter’s Showcase 2011 at the Overland Park KS Convention Center.  Can I just say- OH HOLY SMOKES!  That work is unreal.  It is breath-taking and precise and creative and innovative and colorful and bold and….  I think it will be best to just show you some pictures.  Click on any of them to see them larger.

**I did not make ANY of these.  I also do not have the names of all the artists.  If one is yours, let us know in the comments.

Enjoy the mini show.

Here are some things that I learned by walking the show:

  • Bobbin thread is really important
  • Mixing/nesting background fillers is totally acceptable
  • Making a border design in “blank” space can be done completely with quilting and not piecing
  • Texture rocks the house
  • I should experiment with colored threads more
  • Signing the quilt in thread or ( in Karen McTavish’s case) hand painted ink is really stinkin’ cool

5 Responses to “Machine Quilter’s Showcase 2011 Overland Park”

  1. [...] you know, I was super inspired by the MQS 2011.  For this quilt I wanted to see if I could mix quilting textures to make my very own, cough [...]

  2. Very cool! That’s the type of challenge I like to give myself, too! You completed it beautifully – I love the polka dot fabric, and your quilting design is wonderful – thank you for offering it up! I would so love to go to a MQS.

  3. Rebecca says:

    OMG. These quilts are humbling, to say the least! Karen McTavish’s quilts always look like living, breathing beings. Such movement…

  4. Lisa Sipes says:

    I just love that you have a picture of my quilt next to Karen’s! <3 :)

  5. These quilts are STUNNING!! Totally aweinspiring – thanks for sharing :)

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