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Thanks to Gene over at Gene Black an Alabama Artist, I found out about the AccuQuilt Videos pages!  What a great resource!  Previously, I’d just browse through youtube after doing an “accuquilt”  or “accuquilt go” search.  Now, they have everything all in one tidy, categorized spot.  Gene’s video is one of the TOP videos listed on their “Top Videos” page.

Nested Circles Doll Quilt

I started clicking around and I even found my own video tutorial linked on their page.  This is the video for the Nested Circles Doll Quilt.  Its a super easy pattern using raw-edge fusible applique and a nifty little masking technique to cut the nested circles.   What a fun find on the webs today!  If you’ve made a video for your Accuquilt cutting system, head on over there and get yours listed.

2 Responses to “AccuQuilt Videos”

  1. Kerri says:

    Neat! I love that quilt, btw. I am still hoping to get started on my Modern Meadow circles quilt sometime soon… thanks again for the use of your machine :-D

  2. Maegan says:

    Ok…. I just have to enter!! I think the little purse is so cute!! :)

    Lv… and CONGRATS!

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