Doll Quilt Swap Final REVEAL

Mystery Picture

Oh what could the big Doll Quilt Swap quilt be?

Close Up Eye

You have seen a few clues, a few pictures to get the guesses started…

but I’m going to go out on a limb and say none of you saw this coming…

Pacman Ghosts

Yep, my partner was hoping for anything “inspired by old Atari”  – And before you go crazy on me, yes, I know Pacman was not originally Atari, it was Namco.  BUT it was between the ghosts and an old pong screen shot, so I thought the ghosts would be more fun.  Besides, Atari did eventually carry a Pacman game.

Each of the “squares” {aka pixels} would have been about 3/4″ each… so I promptly threw the idea of piecing pixels out the window and went with a fusible applique (Heat’n’Bond) method of making ghosts.  I found the ghost shape on the internet and cleaned it up a bit with photoshop.  I  printed one ghost template onto an 8 1/2″ x 11 sheet of paper.  The edges were stitched during the quilting process.  I’m a big fan of raw-edge applique = quilting lines.  Then, of course, I filled in the background with some gray swirls.

I LOVE how the ghosts are totally doing the Brady Bunch glance at each other.

I hope she likes it!!!  It’s mailed off and she should have it VERY soon.

ps- I cannot believe “Pacman” is not in the computer auto-dictionary.  Hello, IT’S PACMAN.

5 Responses to “Doll Quilt Swap Final REVEAL”

  1. Tricia L. says:

    This is awesome!!! I wish it were coming to me but I know it’s not. You did a great job on it. Your partner is going to love it!

  2. Corinne says:

    I am not showing my 17 year old a picture of this. She’d want one.

    Well done Jen!

  3. delia says:

    I saw this adorable quilt on flickr before I caught up on my google reader to see it here. It is sooooo cute! Great shout out to the old school with a modern look!

  4. amy says:

    I love it! can ya do frogger too?

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