Boondoggle Bag

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A quick project to make a perfect small bag.

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The Boondoggle Bag is a small 7″ x 8″ bag with a looped strap for easy carrying and a concealed zipper closure along the front.


This quick bag is the perfect size for keeping those toiletries together when traveling.  It’s small enough for the airline 3oz required sizes and still big enough to hold all the product you need to fight the humidity.

Its a great size for a drive, too.  The kids will love packing a few small toys to Grandma’s house or even a couple dry snacks for an afternoon at the zoo.


Does thread, snips and the seam ripper get lost on your way to sewing classes?  Thank goodness for this perfect size bag.

*The bag shown features military uniform fabric and is a great way to use up one uniform piece to yield many bags as gifts for the family or party favors.

Want to make this bag with uniform fabric, but don’t have a military base near by?  This pattern is available as a pre-cut KIT!