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Modern Hexagon Quilt Block Tutorial

on Nov 29, 2010 in art gallery fabrics, blogging others, tutorial | 6 comments

This how-to is the first of a 3-part project. You will not need to do all 3-parts together, each element of the project can be its own tutorial. (Stay tuned to see what the small gift-able project is…) This first tutorial will show you how to make this modern hexagon block using machine applique.

1 solid grey square cut 14 1/2″
8 prepared fabric hexagons measuring 1 1/2″ on each side

Want 1 1/2″ Hexagon Graph Paper- click here.
Want custom size hex graph paper- check out this link.


Start by preparing the hexies using your favorite English Paper piecing or applique technique. Basically, I cut out the paper hexagons, then laid them on the wrong side of a piece of fabric. I trimmed the fabric to leave a 1/4″ seam allowance around the paper. I finger pressed the fabric around the paper (folding towards the wrong side) and loosely basted the folded edges to the paper hexagons. I’m sure there are many blog tutorials on just making the hexagons. If you aren’t into English Paper Piecing, you can always use the facing method outlined in my book Hexagons Made Easy.

Step 1: Arrange the hexagons on the solid fabric. I left a 1/4″ space between each hexagon and purposefully allowed the design to travel off the edge of the solid fabric square. Pin them in place.

Step 2: Machine applique the hexes to the solid fabric square by using an edge-stitching foot OR very carefully sew right up next to the fold on each hexagon. Its important to have a very narrow edge-stitch (close to the edge) so that we can remove the paper templates. You can certainly hand applique these little guys if you prefer that.

Step 3: Those are looking GOOD! Remove all the basting threads from the original hex preparation. Now take a look at them from the back.

In this step you need to make a small snip in the back of each hexagon. Do this with very sharp pointed scissors. Make sure to only snip the solid fabric square, not the paper or hexagon.

Step 4: Now, with larger fabric scissors, remove the solid fabric by cutting within 1/4″ of the hexagon stitching line.
Step 5: Carefully remove the paper template from behind EACH hexagon. If you machine stitched, the template should be perforated along the edges and pop right out.

Step 6: You are pretty much done with the block. Although I do not think you can reuse the paper for making more hexagons, you can still save it for the second part of the small gift-able project tutorial.

Your block is complete. Keep in mind you can make this with any back ground fabric and arrange the hexies in any fashion to give you loads of interesting blocks based on one design and not too many hexagons. And definitely not too much hand sewing work.

Lets say you repeated this one block tutorial to make a total of 30 blocks…. Now that would look cool! You would need a total 240 hexagons. But for the small gift-able project, you only need to make ONE block.

click the image to enlarge

*Fabric used in this sample is by Art Gallery Fabrics + Kona Cotton Solid

See how I quilted the block in this blog post.

See the quilted block finished in a simple envelope-back pillow in this blog post.

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