ReannaLily Designs is throwing a blog birthday party! Look for a gift give-away each day this week. The contests will be open until Monday the 23rd. On the 23rd (5pm Central Time) I will draw a winner from each day and post the lucky names. Good luck and thanks for coming to the party!

Today’s birthday gift is MACHINE QUILTING. I kid you not. ReannaLily Designs has TWO Machine Quilting Donations for two of her favorite people:


Karen’s Quilting Service has donated 50% off all-over meandering machine quilting service for a small quilt. (roughly, up to 45″ x 60″- baby sized). So if you have a small quilt top, now is the time to hop on that.

Blog readers know that Karen is my sweet mom. She started quilting about 10 years ago and has offered machine quilting service on her Hinterberg frame for about 4-5 years now.

You can see Karen’s quilted samples on her gallery page.

The second machine quilting gift is by Sew Colleen. Colleen works on a Gammil machine and turns out the most amazing semi-custom work. She has graciously donated 50% off machine quilting service for a small quilt (roughly 45″ x 60″).

Colleen is also my mother-in-law and has been a quilting enthusiast as long as I’ve known here. (About 18 years or so.)

Needless to say, both quilters are big supporters of ReannaLily Designs.

To be entered to win these birthday gifts, simply leave a comment to this post answering this question: How old were you when you made your first quilt top?
Two winners will be chosen for this gift day.

Enter again by blogging about the birthday party, posting on Facebook or tweeting. Come back and comment again.

Enter again by being a subscriber to this blog.

*The winner of this prize will work out the technical details with each quilter, such as shipping the quilt, batting types and backer fabric options.

**Sew Colleen is booked for a short bit, but the prize is available for quilt service after October 2010.

28 Responses to “Birthday Gift- MACHINE QUILTING”

  1. Leigh says:

    I was a spry 39 years old when I created my very first quilt top!

  2. Leigh says:

    Just posted on Facebook! I love sharing on Facebook!

  3. Leigh says:

    And, of course, I follow you!

  4. Barbara says:

    I made my first quilt top with help from my mom when I was 14 and my first top all be myself when I was 18.

  5. Barbara says:

    I am a follower.

  6. Sherry says:

    what a prize I would like one pleaseee.

  7. Sherry says:

    what a prize I would like one pleaseee.

  8. Owens Family Adventures says:

    I think I was ummmmm let me think….. I was 35 when I made my first quilt top. I would love to have a quilt quilted by one of them!!! OMG great prizes Jen!!

  9. Bev C says:

    I was about 15 when I made my first quilt. That was a few years ago now.
    Happy days.

  10. Angela says:

    I made my first quilt at the tender age of 17. I started it for my bed in my college dorm room. I used it almost all 4 years there and it gets used all the time still almost 15 years later!

  11. Angela says:

    I am now a follower!


  12. Mary on Lake Pulaski says:

    I was about twenty-one years old when I made my first quilt top. It had very large pieces and was tied with yarn. I still have it!

  13. Jennifer says:

    I was 24 and my sister-in-law was pregnant with my niece so I decided I needed to learn to make a quilt for her. (She starts kindergarten this fall!)

  14. carol says:

    Gee! An actual quilt top. I was 35 and never even thought of my age. It was an Eleanor Burns Log Cabin Quilt in a Day. Of course, it took me longer than a Day.

  15. Vesuviusmama says:

    I was 31 when I started my first quilt, but at least 32, possibly 33 when I finally finished one. I just started machine quilting this week (no joke, everything else has been quilted by hand) so I have a whole backlog of tops in need of quilting. What an awesome prize!

  16. elena says:

    I always had dreamed to quilt one of my quilts by a professional. I made my first quilt on 2006, then I was 29. I live in Barcelona and is impossible to find a profesional quilter, so it would be fabulous to win. Thanks for this chance.
    Fingers crossed :)

  17. elena says:

    I'm already a follower

  18. tammiemarie says:

    i made my first quilt top when i was 34 years old! and i have a baby quilt begging for beautiful quilting, crossing my fingers!

  19. tammiemarie says:

    i blogged your party!

  20. tammiemarie says:

    i'm a follower!

  21. Kim says:

    I was 29 years old taking my first quilting class and finished a gigantic quilt.

  22. Kim says:

    I am a subscriber.

  23. Marcia says:

    I "helped" my Mom make quilts starting at about age 8 or 9. Over the years I cut, rotary-ed, pressed, basted, etc. to support her efforts. The first bed-sized quilt that I made 100% on my own was started when I was 51. It would be fun to have a quilt top professionally quilted (versus my questionable hand quilting).

  24. sandra says:

    I was about 53 when I made my first quilt, and I was hooked and wished I had started many years ago. Too many quilts to be made. What a wonderful gift.

  25. sandra says:

    I am also a follower of your blog.

  26. Elizabeth says:

    Wow! This is a really amazing birthday party! Thank you so much to you and today's prize sponsors, Colleen and Karen! That is a pretty fantastic prize!

    I think I was around 17 when I finished my very first (and also very simple) quilt top. At that time, I also hand quilted a design into a wholecloth quilt.

    Crossing my fingers!

    xo -E

  27. Amy says:

    I was 17 yrs old and sewed and cut by hand… I thought what the heck fun is this… then did not sew again for a few years..Thank God for the person who created the rotary cutter!!

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