Drawstring Backpack Tutorial is a GOOD THING!

Martha Stewart has a spot on Yahoo’s Shine website (Yahoo’s lifestyle ezine or e-magazine for women) AND guess who’s backpack tutorial photo was featured in a DIY webisode? ME! I’m so thrilled. I was contacted way back in 2009 {wink wink} about the spot and I’m so happy to share the webisode with you here. You’ll have to follow this link and see Martha looking & commenting on my backpack picture on flickr. The whole webisode is about using technology like flickr, tutorials, how-to’s and etsy to craft, either making or selling craft projects.

Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness!

3 Responses to “Drawstring Backpack Tutorial is a GOOD THING!”

  1. Karen M says:

    Guess that means you now have a "Shine-eee" spot in your life. Great job love your creations.

  2. Amy says:

    "I LO-O-OVE that" –Martha Stewart
    All I can say is remember the little people when you're walking the red carpet, my friend :)

  3. Leigh says:

    YEAH! This is big! I love it!

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