A few pictures

Houston Skyscrapers under 100% humidity.
LOVE Houston!

Ok, I have a few pictures for you. I have to tell you, I didn’t take the big fancy DSLR. Its bulky for snapping shots at Market- when I have a 50lb weight limit with the airline… so I took the hubb’s camera. His camera is the quality of camera you’d give your jr high student for a field trip. Um… so having said that… Here’s a few pictures from Market-

Here I am speaking at the schoolhouse. I must be saying something really insightful, right? Art Gallery Fabrics launched a new pattern line. The patterns are 5 accessories patterns and one Play Mat quilt/toy pattern. Patricia Bravo is standing right there beside me. The big huge board is a blow-up size of one page from the new pattern line. I did the technical writing and illustrations for the pattern. Patricia did ALOT of the proof-reading and her graphic designer is absolutely brilliant. She turned a tradtional little pattern into an amazingly laid-out brochure, with pull-out pattern templates. I’ll have pictures of that in another post. A post just dedicated to the patterns and how they turned out.

And here is the stunning, clean, avant-garde Art Gallery Fabrics booth. This is actually the best picture I have of the booth. Look at those georgous bags in the background. That is the Milano Bag and the bag in the upper left is my FAVORITE- the Firenze Bag. Even the chair backs are jazzed up.

What an incredibly fun weekend. I can talk about fabric and patterns all day! Still more pictures coming soon!

And remember those cute little booties and tag blanket I posted on the blog earlier? They got a bit of shelf time at the market too!

I have to go get the kids registered in their new schools at our new home today… and still with the unpacking… See ya soon!

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  1. Owens Family Adventures says:

    Your hair is so cute!!!
    I'm glad you had a good time at Market my friend. :)

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