The Swap Out has begun!

*******Swap Spoiler Pictures in this post!******

Oh my goodness. Yesterday, I received 5 packages of blocks in the mail and in those 5- Sect 1 and Sect 2 were completely received. (WhooHOOOOO!) So started swapping about a half second after the mail man left my doorstep.

I have a system to {hopefully} not have any blocks mixed up and going the wrong way to the wrong person/group. So first I sort all the bags by section (which I do as they arrive) and I add a little X by your name on the “received” column of the spreadsheet. Now, once I have all the 9 envelopes for any given section, I lay them out in a 3 x 3 grid.

Next, I work from the color sorted stack of blocks to “deal” a block to each envelope. Oh, you see that blank wood space on my floor there- those 2 spots for blocks are for me and for my mom (no envelopes). Here’s the tidy stack I’m dealin from:

And I know what you are really waiting for- I bet you want to see all the block, together, for each of the two complete sections, don’t you?

Here’s SECTION 1

And Here’s SECTION 2

Oh man, the look excellent. Thank you so much for playing along. Do you love a certain block or two? Wanna know who made them? Check out the swap players blogs over on the side bar. Each quilter, section & color is listed.

Don’t worry, Sect 3 & 4 only have a couple people to go before I get those all swapped.

I was able to mail out all of the Sect 1 & 2 this morning. If you are a flickr’ing, please do add your tops and designs over to the flickr pool. We’d love to see how they all go together. I bet they’ll be so very different.

Stay tuned for the pictures of the next two sections! ~jen~

4 Responses to “The Swap Out has begun!”

  1. Corinne says:

    Yeah! I see my blocks in Section 1. I think I’m going to sit out by the mailbox right now and wait for my big, fat envelop to arrive. :-) Thanks Jen!

  2. Showpony says:

    gosh these all look great, wish i’d found your blog earlier I’d have loved to take part. I’ll just enjoy the photos as the swap progresses

  3. Mom2threeGrolls says:

    Everything looks great and your method seems foolproof! Happy sewing!

  4. Wanda says:

    They look great and I bet you had fun “playing” with all of them as you sorted. :) Thanks for hostessing the swap.

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