At least the improv block process came with a warning… *These might be addicting.* Two days later, I can confirm, they are. They are fast and innovative and always One Of A Kind. The blocks seem so artful, not just plain vanilla sewing.

As with my first improv block, the blue one, this quilt is about 12″ x 15″ with channel stitching as the quilting design. I also used more of my gel glue resist fabric in this warm toned block. The painted fabric is paired with scraps from my scrap bins.

On a side note: My husband tells me the gel resist fabric looks like Doritos. Hum. Someone is hinting at the grocery list, no doubt.


3 Responses to “Might.Be.Addicting”

  1. Mal* says:

    I love that you dyed/resisted your own fabric. It is my favorite one of the bunch in this lively, lovely piece.

  2. Owens Family Adventures says:

    Either doritos or carmel corn. :)

  3. Mom2threeGrolls says:


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