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The Grommet Bag

on Aug 29, 2008 in commission, sewing | 0 comments

I’ve really only made a few of these. BUT, one of my biggest fans asked for one and I went straight for my pattern. This is her husband’s ACU uniform and 3 Michael Miller coordinating prints. The bag is about 13″ across- if memory serves. There are two pockets on each of the outside side panels and a key loop on the inside. Its heading to the Army Base in South Korea later this afternoon. THANKS!!!

My photoshop skills were not the finest on these two bag pictures. That top one has my husband’s hand photoshop’d out of the handle, so thats a little wonky. The bottom picture- well, my paint bucket tolerance was set to “wild and crazy” so its a little over-white. I do generally take out the “backgrounds” with the polygon tool, but I thought I’d try the paint bucket. Hum, this is all way more information than I’m sure anyone cares about. heh.

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