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Once you have a skirt pattern…

on Mar 15, 2008 in boutique, fashion, sewing | 4 comments

Once you have a basic skirt pattern, like the straight skirt in the post below, you can make any other kind of skirt from it. Its a pattern drafting skill. So- with the little size 8 straight skirt I made this full, double skirt. The fabric is, Korean, I think. There’s no manufacturer’s print on the selvage side. So it might be for commercial use, I really have no idea. I love the print though.

Its a light-weight batiste fabric that definitely needed to be lined. I decided- if I was going to do the work to “line” it, it was going to be visible. Lazy? Perhaps. I really like the double-skirt effect, though. And its not see-through, so its a win-win. Yes, I have more of the blue fabric left over… and it too thinks a coordinating top might be in order. That will be for another day.

The sweater is from Gymboree… {or more likely from a Thrift store in Albuquerque!!! shhhhhhh!} And the white shirt is by Old Navy… I think that was a hand-me-down from a lady in my mom’s office. All together- looks pretty good though. Thanks for checking it out. ~jen~



  1. Cute skirt!! I can’t wait to get back and have a sew day!!!!!

    Owens Family Adventures

    March 15, 2008

  2. Hi! I love the double skirt look, it turned out really nice. How did you do it? I’d love to make one for myself. Did you basically just make two skirts?

    Allyson Hill

    March 16, 2008

  3. Yeh, its basically two skirts. They function as one fabric at the zipper and on the top edge. I basted the two skirts together at the top, before I stitched on the facings. ~jen~

    The Jen

    March 16, 2008

  4. Looks good Jen.


    March 18, 2008

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