Spring Cleaning


This wasn’t spring cleaning as much as it was winter organizing. I have been collecting QUITE a few fabrics since I’ve been here in Korea. When I say “quite a few” I mean… obscene amounts of cottons by all my favorite designers. You know, I’ll let you in on a secret- They aren’t designers in my home, so much as they are my imaginary friends. I’ll pick out a few fabrics by a designer, design, sew, cut, drape, stitch, baste…. etc… and if someone asks I’ll tell them I spent the day with my imaginary friends, Anna or Joel or Amy or Heather. HAHAHA. But all craziness aside- let me show you my total OCD-


First I need a system. I clearly have a handful of fabrics here and I need to get them in a use-able sorted system. I decided to sort by designers (imaginary friends). Now, keep in mind, this is just the fabric from… maybe the past year of collecting. I still have a closet with ROYGBV sorting, and a denim box. ….O*C*D….


And, now that its all done, I’m back to sewing. I’m filling a couple-a-three orders this week. They should be in the mail by Wednesday and Friday. Thanks for all your continued encouragement and emails! ~jen~

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  1. Grandma Karen says:

    You make a Mama proud. All that beautiful fabric. I knew you were taking advantage of a good opportunity but… Glad to see you will have enough in reserve just in case I run out – right!

  2. Barb says:

    Now this is truly ~reality~!! You look to be having SOOOOO MUCH FUN with this blog post, I LOVE IT! You are giving me the urge to start sorting my fabrics, you are very well organized! Neat BLOG I have enjoyed reading it, hope you don’t mind! Barb in PA

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