Inside the boxes-

Ok, I’ve received email requests to see the fabric stash inside those boxes… Just so you know, I LOVE FABRIC. hahahahah.






Ok. Thats all the newly sorted bins. The rest of the fabric in my closet is not as aesthetically pleasing… Its just lumped into bins by color. Maybe I’ll get a photo of the closet later. The photos are linked to my imaginary friends’ sites. ~jen~

4 Responses to “Inside the boxes-”

  1. Becky says:

    That’s all!? : ) All I have to say is “Stock Up!” haha

  2. Colleen E formerly of South Africa says:

    The stash looks divine. Hoping you are stashing some for me…or at least looking to send some on to me. It can come with your stuff….. no hurries. Colleen

  3. melissa@yummygoods says:



  4. Leigh says:

    Fabric envy!

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